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We have studied only our house, which is called planet Earth. And it's quite obvious, because we drink its water and breathe the air.

Our planet from far, may be similar to the neighbors, but at a more detailed look fundamentally different. As can be seen from figure atmosphere of Venus and Mars almost 100 percent composed of carbon dioxide. The content of this gas in the Earth's atmosphere is only 0.03%. In our atmosphere mainly contains a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen, in a ratio of 4 to 1.

And as it happened, that between the two planets, which consist of carbon dioxide, is completely opposite to the atmosphere? And only living organisms that exist on planet Earth, at least 3 billion years could affect its fate. Such biological processes as photosynthesis, was the beginning of the current chemical composition of the atmosphere.

The second component, which distinguishes our planet from the other - it is a lot of moisture. Very much. About 71% of the surface covered with water. Venus and SIDS have too dry surfaces. On planet Earth, we simply do not meet these dry places, even the Sahara desert is a swamp in comparison with the Venusian and Martian surface.

Despite the fact that 2/3 of the Earth's surface is covered by water, our planet consists mostly of solid rock. The breed, which is under our feet is typical of the outer shell of the Earth. The breed can be divided into:

Igneous or igneous - rocks that were formed by the cooling of the red-hot. This process can be seen the eruption of a volcano, when lava flows down the slope. The main species under the continents and oceans - magmatic. It is about 2/3 of all breeds. For example granite referred to igneous rock.

Sedimentary rocks. Formed by sedimentation, mainly from the water environment. For example, limestone and chalk, familiar sedimentary rock tickets to matilda in london.

Basically, species that are found in the earth's crust cannot talk about the composition of the planet as a whole. Have the data on mass and size of the Earth, it is not difficult to calculate density of the planet: 5,5 g/cm3. But the average density of ordinary rocks just 2.5 g/cm3. This means that in the bowels of the Earth is very dense matter. In the universe the most common dense element is iron. Therefore, we can conclude that the Earth must be iron core, like mercury and Venus.

The bowels of the earth as far corners of the galaxy is hidden from our view. Even deep wells on the planet and is not closely approached the basics of the basics. Substances that scientists are studying from the bottom of the oceans or volcanic lava, only similar to rocks make up the crust. But man has not been able to produce a substance from the depths. And about their structures, we can only speculate having indirect data.



Missionaries serving in Panama

Dan and Cricket Young, both native Californians, high school sweethearts and married for over forty years are veteran missionaries to the country of Panama. Following high school graduation, Dan joined the Navy where he served in submarine duty from 1968-1975.

Sensing God’s call to full-time service, Dan left the Navy and he, Cricket and their two children moved to the Los Angeles, CA area and enrolled in the Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College. Completing four years of study in three and following graduation, the Lord called them to serve with Dr. James M. Phillips at the Bible Baptist Church in Matthews, North Carolina. It was here that the Lord began to really speak to their hearts about the mission field.

After nearly eight years of full-time work, including Christian school administration, music, youth, and the pastorate, Dan and Cricket surrendered to the mission field. The surrender was made public during the last service of the 1986 mission’s conference at Central Baptist Church in Portsmouth, Virginia. Applying to the Baptist Bible Fellowship, International, they were approved in May 1986 as missionaries to Panama. Central Baptist Church in Portsmouth, Virginia is their sending church.

Since arriving on the field in February 1988 they have been involved in church planting and training of national workers. Their first work was a joint effort. Working with Bill and Cindy Hargis, they helped plant a church in Chanis, an upper-middle class area. Following these two years of co-laboring, language development and culture adaptation, they branched out to a lower income area called Veracruz. There, in August 1990 they began full services of the Iglesia Bautista Maranatha (Maranatha Baptist Church). This followed a year’s effort of once a week Bible studies, punctuated by an interruption called “Just Cause,” the invasion of US forces to remove General Noriega from power.

The work has progressed steadily as many have been saved, baptized and have gone on in serving the Lord. The work in Veracruz, Maranatha Baptist Church, in now under the leadership of a national pastor, Darío Pizarro. He, his wife Aminta and their four (soon to be five) children are providing the direction for the church as it moves forward.

At present, our efforts are in an area called Suntracs with the Bethel Baptist Church. This work has proven very challenging because of several factors. Started by another missionary who has since left the field, there are many issues still to deal with to bring the work to maturity. We pray the Lord will raise up that man that is needed to pastor this work.

Both in Veracruz and Suntracs, we have focused greatly on one-on-one discipleship and have seen the Lord bless in great ways. This has been a tremendous tool for grounding the Christian and molding the church.

The Lord has blessed here with souls and local churches. There are still multitudes of communities without a true Gospel witness. The flood of Charismatics, Mormons, and the increase of Islam means there is spiritual hunger, but the need is great for them to receive the true bread of life.

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1979 – With no forethought of working with U.S. military,         we ended up doing so. This ministry started in our             home. Bro. Al Sligh, a BIMI missionary to the military, came to work    with military in the Panama Canal area. We worked together during a transitional period and the military church relocated to the Balboa YMCA. Brother Sligh became pastor of the church with this move ... and the move was necessary because we had grown to175 in our home.

    Brother Sligh would lead the church to 600 for a period of time. The political changes that brought sanctions and military personnel restrictions affected the attendance from that time forward. This church continued to exist until the military pullout was completed at the close of 1999.

 1980 – We concentrated on the Spanish ministry in the same location ... our home. We still had some Spanish speaking people with us after the relocation of the military ministry.        Essentially we would build a second, and different, church in the same location.

1981 – We were able to organize the Maranatha Baptist Church in Panama City. It was the first Spanish speaking Independent Baptist Church to exist in the capital city.

 1982 – Worked in a rural ministry for some time, bringing a small group of 18 to around 70.

 1985 – Started working with Brother Gaudette in a team effort ministry in another area of Panama City called San Miguelito. We would organize that church when the attendance was established and the membership matured to the point of accepting that responsibility.  This church sponsored our Bible Institute.          ­

 1989 – We saw the first graduation from our Institute. Oscar and Damaris Chavez were two of our graduates and he is still pastor of the church in San Miguelito today.

1990 – I return to pastor the church we organized in 1981. I had turned over a church of 85 and had less than 20 when we returned. This church was revived and a  national pastor called to lead. The pastor was a University graduate and came from the congregation. See more: cheap book of mormon tickets

    This effort is an attempt to provide some information that will allow you to get to know the  wayback machin better. We provide this historical record for your information and orientation towards our ministry. It is designed to give information to pastors considering supporting our ministry or pastors who have inherited us as missionaries during their ministry transition.

 I was saved as a teenager at Bible Baptist Church in Cincinnati Ohio. My wife, Phyllis, made a profession of faith there as well, but would not be saved until about 12 years later when she received Christ in our home after we returned Springfield, Mo. so that I could finish the required courses in order to graduate from Baptist Bible College.

     We both went to BBC right after high school in 1965. Phyllis graduated on schedule. I did not. Phyllis graduated in 1968 and I graduated in 1975, spending almost five years in the Army between start and finish. Almost four years of my military service were dedicated to service in Panama.

    Phyllis and I have been married since Aug 6, 1966. We do not have children. We have adopted a number of pastors’ families and there are about 15 that call us grandma and grandpa.

     I will try to provide you with general history of our ministry, with the idea that this will give you a chance to know us better.

1965 – We entered Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Missouri.

1968 – Phyllis graduated from BBC.

1969 – I entered the Army and lived in Panama from

February 1970 to December 1973.  

1975 – Returned to, and graduated from BBC needing one semester and summer school to qualify for graduation.

1975 – Started our missionary intern ministry at Temple Baptist Church of Marshfield Missouri -Ival Robinson pastor. I was the second missionary intern for the church, but would not be the last.

 1976 – We were approved as BBF missionaries in September with Temple Baptist Church as my sending church.

1977 – In August we headed for language school in Queredetaro, Mexico. The school was administrated by BBF missionaries Jimmy Lee and Georgia Web.

To Panama part 3

1997 - Became pastor of the  Losenoidoomock where I am presently pastoring. We organized that church in 1999. We are in a bedroom community for Panama City and are located in the fastest growing district of Panama.

Note:    Throughout this time frame we have also gone back to churches or supplied for missionaries on furlough. We were back at the military church a couple of times, spent a     year in Bro. Hargis' ministry and 7 months in Bro. Young's work. We also did a part time assistance ministry in Bro. Gaudette's work in Santa Librada for a year.

     Along the way we started doing medical missions and medical donations to the Ministry of Health. In 1993 we held our first medical clinic outside of Panama City. It was a test       which had successful results. Fundamental Baptist Church is still going in the area where we had the first medical clinic.

    Two years later we started doing medical clinics in difficult access areas ... entering by   helicopter or boat. Today there are churches established in Belen, Rio Concepción, Rio    Veraguas, and Rio Guzaro because of medical clinics. Seeds have been sown for churches in Rio Cafta, Tobobe and Cusapin.

    Medical clinics have also served to strengthen churches in the Cocle del Norte river valley and Caymito, ministries founded by and still under the watch care of other       missionaries. We have done the same with churches in the central mountain region where  Blaine Gaudette has worked for years.

    Medical donations have worked to elevate the name of Independent Baptists in the country, once to the point that the first lady of Panama called us to help secure and transport a donation. I like it when the first lady of the nation calls us and asks for help. The last donation arrived in Panama the last week of August of 2004 and consisted of 17 truckloads of medical supplies and school furniture. The previous donation required a C5A and two C130s to carry the cargo. That much stuff gets someone’s attention.

    With our medical ministry growing we have developed a Panamanian team of doctors and nurses that have been helping us have local church based evangelical medical   ministries. It is not uncommon to see between 35 and 50 professions of faith in one day of a medical clinic. I consider that a very good return on the investment.
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